• The parma bar

    The "PARMA" is a mix between a restaurant and wine bar. They are selling only high-quality organic products and it is a meeting place for people who value quality food and good wine. Philippe benedetti the owner gave me the privilege to work on his logo and to make his window sign. The traditional gold gilding conveys the aim for quality, while the handmade paintwork is there to remind they are working with authenticity.
    Handmade enamel painting, 'Boston Style' two tones gold leaf letters gilded on reverse glass.
  • Graffiti book

    All you need to know about graffiti is in this book. Graffiti is often misunderstood, and it is difficult for a graffiti writer to explain what he feels about it. I have been asked by a book publisher to write few pages to explain to teenagers how to practice graffiti. After hours and hours I came to the conclusion there was nothing to teach about it except providing the tool to do it. The new generation needs to discover it by practising it instead of reading lessons. Rather than a long sterile speech debating on the good or bad virtues I created my own book to share my point of view through a conceptual message.
    Unique piece. More coming very soon.
    Letter-pressed cover, hand made binding, laser cut paper.
    Client: Personal
  • Freehand Wu Ceramics

    Wu-Tang plate ain't none to f* with. Free handed gentiane blue and 23ct gold leaf on ceramic. Inspired by old century traditional ceramic paintings and an hommage to the best rap band ever.
    Handmade enamel painting, gold leaf borders gilded on ceramic.
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  • Ratsherrn Lumberjack Winter Ale

    Illustrations for Ratsherrn craft beer brewery from Hamburg. The lumberjack beer is perfect for winter time, cozy evenings in front of the fireplace, hearty cuisine or a beer tasting rich in aromas! The beer is a top-fermented red beer, which has its own unique taste by the maturation on oak. The Nugget hops developed notes of herbs and red fruits, which are perfectly complemented by oak maturation. I also used the the classic lumberjack shirt as a pattern for the packagings.
  • Fabulous food identity

    Fab.food is a new catering service that stands for fabulous meals; with a healthy selection of fresh, balanced and inspirative products. I created their logo and identity in order to highlight the craftsmanship and creativity behind their chefs. From Mediterranean to Asian dishes, I proposed a set of various illustrations that can be combined on both print and digital medias depending on their menu.
  • Youngs in a bad mood

    Commissioned piece for Dojo advertising agency Berlin, the piece illustrates the leitmotiv of the company « youngs in a bad mood ». Two baroque angels are subtly showing fingers. The piece fits with the must do’s the agency that is always hiding tiny provocative elements in their campaigns.
    Freehand chalk drawing.
  • Haters funeral sign

    This piece is using old timers knowledge, the precision of the gilding process, combined to new school techniques imported from my cultural background such as spray and marble painting. The sign is retaking the classic codes of sign-painting to deliver the funeral message addressed to haters. It also celebrates the fact that they tend to disappear out of the mind once we are focussed on creation. Stay busy, keep the best, bury the rest. https://vimeo.com/118242768
    Unique piece. Handmade enamel marble painting, 'Boston Style' beveled letters gilded on reverse glass. Big caslon typography, reworked by hand to obtain the convexity.
  • Making chalks swing

    Au loup is a wine pub and also a place where you can taste the finest charcuterie ever, like every year I qm going there to make a new hand drawn piece on the wall. This year I get inspired by the swing of the 20ies. Combining ornamental elements and a bevel font. Here is the result.
    Handmade chalk illustrated sign.
    Client: Au loup
    25 rue bergere 75009 Paris

    I was asked to work on the making of a complete new brand, including naming and creative identity. It was a privilege to be there at the start of the project, as the client chose my name: Unestablished. I quickly came up with symbols to illustrate the name, the double 00 for infinity that looks like the part of a chain and different monograms. They wanted to find a way to cross over the font nicely, to represent the beta aspect of the brand. My logo will now be used on all the future collections to be made in collaboration with fashion designers and some of the teaser items I proposed were produced and presented for the first time at the Bread and Butter Berlin 2014.
    Released in 2014.
    Showed for the first time at Bread and Butter Berlin 2014.
    Client: Personal
  • Only the best advertise young

    Only the best advertise young. I have been asked to make a poster to illustrate german DOJO agency's leitmotiv. It was meant to be a one off, but after everyone was asking for one too, the agency decided to make copies of it, which I signed for everyone in the agency as a gift. Left overs were sold on their online shop.
    Set of 100 numbered and signed posters. pantone 805u and black print, on glossy 160g/m paper.
    Client: DOJO
  • Die 50 schönsten Rapper #2

    Die 50 schönsten Rapper (The 50 most beautiful rappers), is an annual rap event located in Kreuzberg, organized by Muschi Kreuzberg and the magasine Mit vergnuegen. Each artist had to perform one track on stage, one after one. We realized the art direction for the event including posters, goodies, video-projection. The party was a success with almost 2000 people attended that night.
    Art direction with Tony Ziebetzky at DOJO, Photo-montage. Concert picture by William Weder.
  • United Colors of Beton

    In collaboration with Muschi Kreuzberg, I designed a special shirt to be sold on the 1st of may at our backyard-sale party. The t-shirt features a front print with the berlin pavement brick which is a symbol of riot, a side print showing the partners of the event and a back-print referring to the fact we are all united wherever we come from. The sales went pretty well with more than 400 visitors that day and the shirt sold out in only 3hours from its release.
    Art direction, illustration, limited 100 copies print. Photography by the talented Sasha Kharchenko.
    Purchase here: http://www.muschikreuzberg.de/Clothing/T-Shirts/United-Colors-of-Beton.html
  • One Warm Winter – Life is not a best-of sampler

    Berlin is freezing during winter and every day it gets colder. To help the homeless and warm their hearts up before christmas, "One Warm Winter", is an action that wants to help by providing them warm goods. By donating to http://www.onewarmwinter.org/ even a small amount.
    Beside that, the "Life is not a U-Bahn station" sampler is another way to seek support and media coverage. On this CD are compiled many songs that will remind you that you have done good. All benefits from the sale of the CDs will go to the project. You can order it for 9.99 euros on iTunes or Amazon.
    Call (0178) 523 58-38 from germany. This is the number of the cold bus, which saves the homeless from freezing to death.
    iTunes: http://bit.ly/owwitunes Amazon: http://bit.ly/owwamazon
    Art direction, Handmade type and photography.
  • Adidas Boost

    Drive-to-store and in-store events, exclusive goodies and contest encouraging the public to express their style.
    During 3 weeks the Adidas shops and retailers are rewarding the clients with mini-speakers containing a QR code with an exclusive playlist. To ensure the visibility of the operation the store fronts are set with the colors of the brand and the products are displayed on modules illustrating style, fashion and music. To create traffic during the first week the public is encouraged to tweet #adidasboost in some selected Parisian shops, in order to call a performance of street dancers. With the sound provided by the mini-speakers offered in store the dancers will then propose a real show to the consumers.
    Inside the main Parisian store the public is invited to compose and mix sounds using the Adidas Running Shoes displayed on the keyboard from a giant synthesizer and to interact with the DJ which is playing next to it all day. Each shoe is producing its own music sample, and the user can then mix sounds and style that fits to him.
    There is also a contest through the Vine app, the public is encouraged to express its style in few seconds using the #adidasboost. The videos will be displayed on a gallery, and the best ones will be rewarded with Adidas goods.
    Conception, Art direction, Vector illustrations and assets.
    Client: Adidas all originals
  • Playstation 4 the night

    For the release party of the new Playstation 4 in Paris I have been asked to find a concept for the party and create the identity. I came up with the name "Playstation 4 the night" which says it all, Playstation will propose an unforgettable experience. The aim is to thank the 400 people that contributed to make the PS4 launch to buzz around.
    The game is starting at the moment you receive the invitation, which contains a key. RFID integrated, this object will opens the doors of the event, allow people to reveal exclusive content through totem screens and unlock secret doors inside the party place. To fit with the aesthetics of playstation, a light scenography made of LED panels and lasers is driving to the Dj area. Flying drones are also flying around to take pictures of the crowd and the images are live broadcasted on big screens. Inside the main corridor a sculptural installation made out of the Playstation symbols is interacting with the RFID chip of the keys and evolve with light effects.
    Concept, identity and parts of the scenography.
    Client: Sony Playstation
  • Louis Vuitton Seven

    In the 1980s an urban legend circulated about a black credit card with high spending power. In 1999 American Express decided to introduce the card, as an extremely exclusive membership rewards card. The Black Card was targeted a very limited segment of the population. But today it is known by everyone and has undoubtedly grown into some of the most successful advertising for American Express.
    What we want to do for Louis Vuitton is to create something truly unique and limited, which will create some buzz in world and give people something to strive for. We create a limited collection of 7 Louis Vuitton bags; each bag contains a key, which also accesses a very exclusive experience in an unexpected place in the world. 7 bags - 7 unexpected places. The address of each of the 7 places is unknown to everyone besides the bag holders, and includes a hidden luxury suite, garage with a driver, treetop cocoons etc.
    Concept and vector logo researches.
    Client: Louis Vuitton
  • Ceramic plates

    Made for an exhibition about localy-inspired design called "Make it local", this flat meat plate is carved with the representation of the dangerous red areas of Peckham according to the London Crime Map. (http://maps.met.police.uk) This controversial object highlights and adresses the important issue of violence between gangs in this area.
    When you put the meat on the plate, the blood runs into the veins. Showed at the Royal Pavillon Museum of Brighton for the exhibition "subversive design" 12 October 2013 to 9 March 2014
    Set of 5 unique plates.
    Showed at "Make it local" exhibition as part of Dulwich Artist Open House weekends and at the Royal Pavilion of design in Brighton for the "subversive design" exhibition in september 2013.
    Hand made ceramic and glazing.
    Client: Personal
  • Lindt Opera

    Current project.
    In October 2013, Lindt will be opening its largest store worldwide right in the heart of Paris. Covering 360m2 and named ‘Project Vendôme’, this flagship store will offer a new experience in tasting and purchasing Lindt chocolate with a top-end premium positioning. For the opening of its new store, Lindt will remix Opera in a spectacular, original and extremely modern way of unveiling the new store. I have been chosen to design an evening event for the opening and launch of the flagship store in Paris.
    Concept and identity researches.
  • Ogilvy & Mather greetings card

    Merry Christmas ? Happy new year ? Happy snowfest ? Happy... There is so many things I could wish that I decided to edit a simple video, to wish you all the best. Merry everything.
    Done in one day, 10 hours of drawing non-stop.
    Video edit, handmade chalk lettering and illustrations
    Filmed at Ogilvy paris headquarters.
    Client: Ogilvy & Mather in house project
  • Sens Club

    Sens Club is a Minimal and electronic music club located in Nice Côte d'Azur (South France). I have been inspired by the elements around the bar to find color skemes and by the space to bluid the shapes, creating two areas: lounge for drinking (I used the owl which is their logo) and electric to party.
    The idea was to give a strong identity to the club, graphics that can be seen as a spacial experience. I also worked with a light technician for the scenography and to make sure the light interacts with the fluorescent elements of the paintings.
    Scenography, Art direction and Paintings.
    Fluorescent, copper and acrylic spraypaint on walls.
    Client: Sens Club Nice
  • Coke Zero Make it possible

    Sharing the belief that anyone can make it possible, Ogilvy Paris and Coke Zero in partnership with film maker Jon Chu and his crew of the LXD launched a global social media audition to define the next global dance move. After hundreds of original dance move submissions poured in from all parts of the world, igniting thousands of social media conversations, one guy stood out with a tale of possibility that just had to be told. Not only did his dance move, the "Toe Tappy" take off, but he got the whole world dancing to it, acting as inspiration behind a long form documentary, a music video, a TV spot and over 21 hours of related content resulting from the movement which unraveled online at http://makeitpossibleproject.com/.
    I helped as creative to design the website, prints and also made 8 different t-shirts, referring to the dances and playing with the graphic identity of each bands trough illustrations and typeface treatments. The tshirts has been sent as a gift to all the winners of the contest.
    Art direction, Vector illustrations and assets.
    Client: The Coca Cola Company
  • Au loup Chalk wall

    Au loup is a wine pub and also a place where you can taste the finest charcuterie ever, they wanted to have their menu hand drawn on a wall so they called me an afternoon to see what I could do for them. I decided to combine vintage illustration and type to fit with the place, here is the result.
    Handmade chalk letters and illustrated sign.
    Client: Au loup
    25 rue bergere 75009 Paris
  • M6 Mobile

    I have been asked by Ogilvy & Mather Paris to illustrate purple waves and objects for M6 mobile which fits to their new identity. I made a package with different elements that can be assembled to fit to different templates from in-store posters to online pages. And also made layouts to promote the new offers and phones from the company.
    Conception, Art direction, Vector illustrations and assets.
    Client:M6 Mobile
  • Nespresso What else

    Think once, twice, think again.
    I worked on the design of a presentation book for the client, which is showing new graphics for the "What else" Nespresso campaign. The book is built like a story in which everything can be also seen from the Nespresso lifestyle point of view.
    I made a box which protects the book and also gold embossed the type to highlight the statements in the copy.
    Conception, Art direction, Handmade book binding, gold embossing.
    Client: Nespresso
  • Nespresso Quest

    Handmade medieval inspired letterings made for Nespresso's "Quest for perfection" pitch.
    Hand drawn type and vectors.
    Client: Nespresso
  • Hong Kong Solo show

    Exclusive exhibition of paintings, photographs and in-situ mural installations.
    The show was taking place at The Space Hong Kong 14th - 16th June 2012
    210 Hollywood road, Sheung wan, Hong Kong.
    Inspired paintings and photographs from my adventures and explorations. Photographs of my travels are pasted and mixed with spray-paint and marker pens to create a futuristic and colourful universe. I also experiment with double-exposure photography by combining nocturnal and day-time cityscapes.
    Each piece tells a different story about the streets of Paris, London and Hong Kong using a palette that ranges from neon to metallic.
    Announced as "one of France's most promising young urban artists" in the Hong kong time out magazine, the show was a big success. During three days we sold with the curator Marlon Ge 30 pieces of artwork out of 40 and have been published in several blogs and printed magazines. (Hypebeast, Wanderlister Asia, Time Out Hong Kong, TV5 world, South China Morning Post, 12ozprophets, Montana colors world..)
    Spraypaint, marker pens, chalk and collage on board. 40x60.
    Client: Personal
  • Erase

    I produced 'Erase' a short movie about letterpress.
    To be able to go forward what we learnt at school we first needed to follow the rules to understand how things are working. To forget these rules allows us to be free, independent and most of the time it gives to the projects an unique touch. This poster is all about using the rules, the precision of the letter-press process, the choice of the paper and ink, the time spent on the work but it is also about destroying all these things to make an unique object and story.
    Set of 10 posters.
    Letter-pressed on pure white glossy paper, signed and numbered.
    Client: Personal
  • Set your house on fire poster

    After a discussion with a friend who had problems with his housemates I decided to help him to solve the situation by using my design skills. This project fits to my attitude concerning design. I use it to tell stories, convinced that sometimes a quick drawing can tell more than words. I illustrated and gave him a tool to laugh about the situation. This poster gives you help to set your house on fire and it challenges aswell the underlying message from advertising posters which attempt to force you into doing the "right" thing.I have been inspired by the "Fire kills, you can prevent it" campaign from the London Fire Brigade.
    Set of 30 posters.
    Letter-pressed on Arches paper, signed and numbered, laser cut paper.
    Client: Personal
  • Are you creative contest

    As working at the creative studio from Ogilvy & Mather Paris, I've already painted sevral walls in our agency, but this time I am bringing something more conceptual. Chris Garbutt and Benoit Defleurian encouraged me to paint some more spaces within the agency, we decided to paint the toilets as they were more of an un-expected place but also somewhere everybody visits. I didn't want to create just a mural but something that would drive people to save energy and switch off the lights. I am already planning on implementing the concept throughout the agency and hope to inspire people to save energy where they can.
    Glow in the dark paint on walls.
    Client: Ogilvy & Mather in house project
  • Scars Fanzine

    Collaborative fanzine about the stories behind our scars.
    Made for the "Begining of the end of the world" first fanzine swap exhibition in Hong Kong organised by future industries. Each participant has been asked to produce a piece, mine is inspired by what life left on our skin through our adventures. I collected during two weeks pictures and stories from my friends and put them inside a fanzine as a memorial.
    Thanks to marlon Ge for his full support on the project and reproducing 50 copies printed in Paris, 50 in Hong Kong and to all the participants who sent me pictures.
    Handmade stiches and binding.
    Client: Personal
  • Flaxman type revival

    I was asked by the New North Press to concept a poster for their 'Reverting to type' exhibition featuring prints by letterpress print practitioners from around the world including Black Stone Press (Canada), Impost (Australia), Prensa La Libertad (Argentina), Yee Haw! Industries (USA), London based Mr Smith and more. I worked on a piece introducing the unique Flaxman type wood letters designed by Edward Wright, only available at Camberwell College of Arts. To increase mystery around the typeface I created a poster with the alphabet partly censored, asking people to make a move to the workshop of the college to see the complete set.
    I also produced a 'making-of' video with my friend Archie Mcleish from Strawberrymilitia.com, showing the production. In a technologically-driven world lead by industrial mass production, using this process in a new way means that we are not only preserving its relevance, but also giving it new life.
    Set of 20 posters. Letter-pressed on BFK Rives paper, signed and numbered.
    Presented at the "Reverting To Type" exhibition at the New North Press.
    Client: Personal
  • Riot CV Poster

    After a discussion with a friend who had problems with his housemates I decided to help him to solve the situation by using my design skills. This project fits to my attitude concerning design. I use it to tell stories, convinced that sometimes a quick drawing can tell more than words. I illustrated and gave him a tool to laugh about the situation. This poster gives you help to set your house on fire and it challenges aswell the underlying message from advertising posters which attempt to force you into doing the "right" thing.I have been inspired by the "Fire kills, you can prevent it" campaign from the London Fire Brigade.
    Set of 30 posters.
    Letter-pressed on Arches paper, signed and numbered, laser cut paper.
    Client: Personal
  • We are advertainers

    Live painted logo made for the "We are advertainers" party from Magic Garden Agency Paris.
    The event regrouped the clients from the agency and a variety of live performances.
    Acrylic marker painted sign on wall.
    At Magic Garden Agency Paris.
    Client: Magic Garden Agency Paris
  • Ogilvy Signature Wall

    Hand painted anamorphic sign made for Ogilvy.
    Including David Ogilvy original signature.
    Brush painted sign on wall.
    At Ogilvy & Mather Agency Paris.
    Client: Ogilvy & Mather in house project
  • Ice scrapper

    By combining two sources of local inspiration, the aim is to create an unexpected object that interact directly with a specific location. This one is based on bad weather and violence which is quite representative of were I was used to live in the suburbs of London.
    I also made an another piece to this collection which you can preview at the "Ceramic Plates" project up the side menu.
    Set of 20 brass knuckles.
    Laser cut perspex.
    Client: Personal