• The Nordy Club

    The Nordy Club is a complete relaunch of Nordstrom's rewards program centered around connectivity, personalization, and community. For the first time ever we developed an app Artificial Intelligence that allowed Nordy Club members to get their photo transformed into an animated illustration. The illustration render is based on the work of artist Dohee Lee and is new every time. It is a real artistic interpretation made by a complex algorithm. On the first week we collected 95,6143 users with 3:39 mins on average per session duration and 62,697 portraits were generated. We also won a FWA of the day award for December 7th 2018. My role included pitching creative territories, developing the concept of the common thread, defining the brand tone of voice for The Nordy Club, writing the brand guide, helping define art direction & executions for evergreen assets, overseeing the launch film illustrations and AI app development. We also partnered with my friend Clea Lala on embroidered illustration pieces for social, mailers and in store displays. Client: Nordstrom Agency: Anomaly Creative Collaborators: Benoit Ollive, Sarah Keats, Lea Egan Illustrator: Clea Lala / Dohee Lee App/AI developer: RESN Animation: Postal