• Adidas Boost – Art Direction

    Drive-to-store and in-store events, exclusive goodies and contest encouraging the public to express their style.
    During 3 weeks the Adidas shops and retailers are rewarding the clients with mini-speakers containing a QR code with an exclusive playlist. To ensure the visibility of the operation the store fronts are set with the colors of the brand and the products are displayed on modules illustrating style, fashion and music. To create traffic during the first week the public is encouraged to tweet #adidasboost in some selected Parisian shops, in order to call a performance of street dancers. With the sound provided by the mini-speakers offered in store the dancers will then propose a real show to the consumers.
    Inside the main Parisian store the public is invited to compose and mix sounds using the Adidas Running Shoes displayed on the keyboard from a giant synthesizer and to interact with the DJ which is playing next to it all day. Each shoe is producing its own music sample, and the user can then mix sounds and style that fits to him.
    There is also a contest through the Vine app, the public is encouraged to express its style in few seconds using the #adidasboost. The videos will be displayed on a gallery, and the best ones will be rewarded with Adidas goods.
    Conception, Art direction, Vector illustrations and assets.
    Client: Adidas all originals