• Ceramic plates – Design

    Made for an exhibition about localy-inspired design called "Make it local", this flat meat plate is carved with the representation of the dangerous red areas of Peckham according to the London Crime Map. (http://maps.met.police.uk) This controversial object highlights and adresses the important issue of violence between gangs in this area.
    When you put the meat on the plate, the blood runs into the veins. Showed at the Royal Pavillon Museum of Brighton for the exhibition "subversive design" 12 October 2013 to 9 March 2014
    Set of 5 unique plates.
    Showed at "Make it local" exhibition as part of Dulwich Artist Open House weekends and at the Royal Pavilion of design in Brighton for the "subversive design" exhibition in september 2013.
    Hand made ceramic and glazing.
    Client: Personal