• Coke Zero Make it possible – Art Direction

    Sharing the belief that anyone can make it possible, Ogilvy Paris and Coke Zero in partnership with film maker Jon Chu and his crew of the LXD launched a global social media audition to define the next global dance move. After hundreds of original dance move submissions poured in from all parts of the world, igniting thousands of social media conversations, one guy stood out with a tale of possibility that just had to be told. Not only did his dance move, the "Toe Tappy" take off, but he got the whole world dancing to it, acting as inspiration behind a long form documentary, a music video, a TV spot and over 21 hours of related content resulting from the movement which unraveled online at http://makeitpossibleproject.com/.
    I helped as creative to design the website, prints and also made 8 different t-shirts, referring to the dances and playing with the graphic identity of each bands trough illustrations and typeface treatments. The tshirts has been sent as a gift to all the winners of the contest.
    Art direction, Vector illustrations and assets.
    Client: The Coca Cola Company