• Facebook Dating

    Oh. Yeah. Facebook Dating. <3 It’s brand new. It’s our global launch. And you probably guessed right – it’s a dating platform, on Facebook. In short, your likes, interests, groups and the events you go to help you meet someone you might actually like. Or love. We hope. Where like meets love – there’s magic. We created 6 spots and OOH. Client: Facebook Dating Agency: Anomaly Los Angeles Creative team: Cori Johnson x Benoit Ollive Zach Myrow x Matt Kalish Account: Sam Bolanovitch x Josh Jefferis Film Producer: Angelo Mazzamuto x David Wolfson Director: Lina Söderström DP: Andrew Droz Palermo Set design: Randy Marsrow Editor: Greg Scrutton x Connie Chuang Colorist: Dave Hussey at Company3 VFX: Shape and light Sound design: Formosa Photography producer:Veronica Reo Photographers: Saughn and John Photo assistant and light: Daniel bray Retouching: Michael Schields