• Found in Translation – Typographic show at NY Korean Consulate

    Found in Translation focuses on shedding light on the concept of literacy and translation, more specifically, on the cultural similarities and differences between Korean and Western countries via the use of language - both written and spoken - through typography and art. In this special collaboration with Stigma & Cognition New York (S&C New York), Found in Translation was commissioned by the Korean Cultural Center New York in celebration of International Literacy Day 2018 (September 8th, 2018), designated by UNESCO in 1966. At first glance, Korean and English may not bear much resemblance to one another as a language, but interestingly, the two languages converge when used in art, pop culture, and even colloquialisms. 19 Korean and 19 American/Western artists, both renowned and up-and-coming, have each created typographic artworks that are based on expressions that the two cultures share in common. At the exhibition, the two versions - an English version created by an American/Western artist and a Korean version created by a Korean artist - are displayed in pairs to create a juxtaposition that is both visual and semantic. The coupled works, whose literal translations in each respective language may not be identical, essentially carry the same underlying message and meaning. Through this juxtaposition, we celebrate the differences and similarities between two cultures and languages. Exhibition on view August 16th to September 10th, 2018 OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, August 16th, 2018, 6-9 pm Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York