• Louis Vuitton Seven – Art Direction

    In the 1980s an urban legend circulated about a black credit card with high spending power. In 1999 American Express decided to introduce the card, as an extremely exclusive membership rewards card. The Black Card was targeted a very limited segment of the population. But today it is known by everyone and has undoubtedly grown into some of the most successful advertising for American Express.
    What we want to do for Louis Vuitton is to create something truly unique and limited, which will create some buzz in world and give people something to strive for. We create a limited collection of 7 Louis Vuitton bags; each bag contains a key, which also accesses a very exclusive experience in an unexpected place in the world. 7 bags - 7 unexpected places. The address of each of the 7 places is unknown to everyone besides the bag holders, and includes a hidden luxury suite, garage with a driver, treetop cocoons etc.
    Concept and vector logo researches.
    Client: Louis Vuitton