• One Warm Winter – Art Direction

    Berlin is freezing during winter and every day it gets colder. To help the homeless and warm their hearts up before christmas, "One Warm Winter", is an action that wants to help by providing them warm goods. By donating to http://www.onewarmwinter.org/ even a small amount.
    Beside that, the "Life is not a U-Bahn station" sampler is another way to seek support and media coverage. On this CD are compiled many songs that will remind you that you have done good. All benefits from the sale of the CDs will go to the project. You can order it for 9.99 euros on iTunes or Amazon.
    Call (0178) 523 58-38 from germany. This is the number of the cold bus, which saves the homeless from freezing to death.
    iTunes: http://bit.ly/owwitunes Amazon: http://bit.ly/owwamazon
    Art direction, Handmade type and photography.