• Playstation 4 the night – Art Direction

    For the release party of the new Playstation 4 in Paris I have been asked to find a concept for the party and create the identity. I came up with the name "Playstation 4 the night" which says it all, Playstation will propose an unforgettable experience. The aim is to thank the 400 people that contributed to make the PS4 launch to buzz around.
    The game is starting at the moment you receive the invitation, which contains a key. RFID integrated, this object will opens the doors of the event, allow people to reveal exclusive content through totem screens and unlock secret doors inside the party place. To fit with the aesthetics of playstation, a light scenography made of LED panels and lasers is driving to the Dj area. Flying drones are also flying around to take pictures of the crowd and the images are live broadcasted on big screens. Inside the main corridor a sculptural installation made out of the Playstation symbols is interacting with the RFID chip of the keys and evolve with light effects.
    Concept, identity and parts of the scenography.
    Client: Sony Playstation